Hello from Socal. Honored to be here!


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My name is Patrick and I am a Habanoholic. I was referred here by my mentor Chuck(Tampa1257). I have been smoking for 2 years now seriously. I started with a 25 count desk top and just built a coolidor that is cuurently home to 8 boxes of Habanos. I have Cohiba Siglo I's and 3's, ERdM Lunch Clubs and Choix's, Partagas Shorts, Cuaba Divinos and Distinguidos, and HdM Epi 1's. I prefer shorter and more milder smokes. However, I do not mind a powerful Churchill. I enjoy creamy mocha flavors as opposed to green pepper and spice. I hope to learn from each and everyone of you. And if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Oh yes by the way, I am a Laker fan and admire Kobe Bryant hence the initials and his new number 24. Happy smokes everyone!!

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Welcome to FOH Patrick,

I suggest that you spend a little time reading the threads to get familiar with all the members and you will also be able to learn quite a lot just from that. We are fortunate to have people from all over the world as regular members here and vast cigar smoking experience.

Watch out for some of the fishing tales :surprised: And there is also a wealth of excellent info on Wines and other assorted adult beverages too.


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