Monte Especial No. 1

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Format: Laguito No 1

Box Code: JM OLSC (May '97)

Drinky: Ron Pampero

I thought I'd share my thoughts on this elegant cigar since it is fresh in my mind and tongue having jus smoked it.

I have had this box awhile and decided to break into it. The appearance of these is amazing. Chocolate toned and oily as Rick James' curls. The straight tobacco smell has faded from strong to tame..not in a bad way.

Pre light taste was very subtle cocoa and cream. After admiring that lil' piggy tail, I lopped it off and took a draw. Perfect. The definition of it. The taste was of coffee and tobacco. Torch to cigar was effortless. DAMN! These things still have some strength. Ginger spice and coffe dominated. About an inch in the Especial No 1 became very creamy. Like half-and-half. My wife came outside to chat with me, but I told her to leave me alone. Yes, that good. It demanded my attention alone.

Halfway through, it became spicy, not peppery, dare I say cinnamon-y..Dont know exactly. The strength didnt once die down. This Monte was a fighter. Down to the last inch and it was all coffee and tobacco. Nubbed it. Id rate the Especial No 1 - (92-94)

Damn glad I have 24 left. Here is a pic of the box sans 1.



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» Sounds fantastic! What are your thoughts on where these stand

» maturity-wise?

» At over nine years old, are they at peak? Will they still improve?


Tell you the truth, while this one example was fantastic, I think they can do nothing but improve over the next 5 or more years...especially in the right conditions. Like I said, this bad boy still had a ton of strength and fullness that implies to me they will continue to age gracefully.

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I love the Montecristo Especial No.1 It is certainly one of my top 5. I really enjoy the "Gingerbread" type cooking spice that differentiates it from the rest of the Montecristo line. Nice review, and I can totally understand why you asked the wife to leave you alone for the duration!

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