Por Larranaga Petit Corona (KMV NOV04)

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I just finished my first PLPC. And I'm grinning. Given all the positive comments, I was prepared for something good, but this little PC took me by surprise. Yes, it was full-bodied, and yes, it had the caramel flavors that others have noted. Still, I was amazed at the sheer "intensity" that the blenders have managed to pack into just 129 mm of golden-sheathed mareva.

This diminutive smoke got right down to business. Once lit, it announced itself with sharp, spicy blasts to the tip of my tongue. Then, it filled my mouth with a raw and undiluted citrusy twang that quickly got my salivary glands working overtime. Exhaling through the nose was a delightfully masochistic experience, though when the tingling subsided, there were distinct scents of burned caramel, maple, and toasted cinnamon. I was reminded of a young Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2, smoked right off the truck, but shamelessly brash and in-your-face. "Boy", I thought, "and this cigar is over a year and a half old!" "What was it like when it was young? And what in the hell will it be like in a few years?"

The PLPC was well-constructed, but burned a little hot. Still, it produced copious amounts of smoke, and needed no relights. By the time I had reached the final third, I was determined to meet the challenge of this untamed, sizzling little firecracker. I slid off the band, poured myself another glass of iced tea, and focused on the task at hand. Each draw seemed to target yet another vulnerable section of my mucous membranes. Sharp, bitter tastes coated my tongue. The back of my throat was left hot and peppered, as if by a habanero-laced infusion. Caramel and maple flavors grew even more raw and intense. Almost every mouthful prompted another sip of iced tea, just to flush the saliva, sooth my taste buds, and clear my senses for another assault.

It was a stand-off. I nubbed it, but in truth I had to admit that the PLPC had won. Not by a knock-out, but on points. This is an uncompromising cigar, blended for strength and complexity, and obviously intended to show at its best over the long run. In a few years, when the tiger is back in its cage, this is going to be a truly awesome smoke.

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Loud mouth and full of bull ****. These things are rough and illrefined to be smoked by ruffians only. Lise do you have my cab yet?

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Guest boss hogg

I'm pleased to hear that Rob will now be offering these awful dog turds. That's what we want the public to believe, anyway.

It'll be nice to get them with bands and the cab!

I just wish I could accelerate the aging process....

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These are without doubt a diamond in the rough. A cigar that age does extremely good things with. I happen to love them and next to the Bolivar PC are my personal favorite PC.

Nice job Bob, now all the Cabs that Rob will obtain will be history rather quickly, hope he can re-supply and keep them available for those of us on a budget! Agrrrrrrrrr

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Imagne the PL as a Magnum or a Robusto :-P

Interesting you would mention this. I was thinking of how this blend would be in a larger format, including a pyramide and a lonsdale.

It would be mind-blowing. (Both literally and figuratively!)

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