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Hey guys,

As indicated by the title, I’m a (semi) long-time reader / watcher and I have finally gotten around to signing up for an account. As my first post, I figured I had better do the usual newbie introduction, so here goes:

I think I smoked my first cigar somewhere around 2010 (a RyJ tubos from duty-free) with my older brother on a family vacation in Malaysia. I wouldn’t say I was hooked but I definitely recall enjoying the cigar and nubbing it without feeling ill or having any other smoke or nicotine-related issues.

I had moved from Australia to Hong Kong in 2007 and despite living in the 852 and having access to all the amazing cigar lounges and merchants in the territory, I probably smoked less than 10 sticks over the course of 10-11 years. Most of those sticks were either in bars / clubs (most often in Stockton if memory serves correctly), on junk boat parties somewhere in the South China Sea or on “beachy” vacations while lazing by the pool with a beer. Yes, I was one of those cigar smokers.

Fast forward to 2021 and after almost 13 years living and working in Hong Kong, I relocated to Singapore. This was during COVID when lockdown restrictions in Singapore were fairly strict and so I found myself stuck at home by myself (the missus was still in HK) with time to kill. Enter cigars stage right. 

Since then I’ve really gone down the rabbit hole and along the way dragged a number of other mates along in the process. I now typically smoke anywhere from 2-4 sticks a week with typically one of those sticks involving having mates around to my balcony / deck and solving the world’s problems over a smoke and a drink (or 12). 

As an Aussie who’s lived in Asia for the last 15+ years, I hope that I can help contribute some of that knowledge / perspective to this forum. In particular if any member is travelling through SG and would like to catchup, please do let me know. Similarly if anyone is travelling through HK, Tokyo, or Southeast Asia and needs some recommendations (good, bad or ugly) then please feel free to reach out. 


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