Little RyJs -- Sports, Regalias de Londres, Petit Julietas, etc.


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I recall there were a couple of guys on here who liked the "also ran" mini RyJ cigars in those vitolas which I think were once machine made. What are favorites? What is generally the best of the cheapies?

I got two boxes of 21 Belvederes earlier this year on a whim because they were pretty cheap (all things being equal) and have ended up really enjoying them.

The Regalias and Sports seem cheap (relatively) now when they pop up. The Petit Julietas are entreactos which is a vitola I have never been really taken with having tried ERDM demi tasse and Hoyo du Maire. 

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I find the Sports Largos to have the highest ceiling of the small RyJ offerings. The Belvederes would be a distant second on the list and the rest are a bust except the Petit Julietas which can be decent on occasion but are highly overpriced. 

The last 5 years have not been good for the CeC or RdL. I'd rather have a Romeo 1-3. 

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I have a box of Regalias de Londres, super dark wrappers which is unusual for RyJ but not sure if it unusual for Regalias. Already have a few years on them when I bought them and I think they need a few more at least, seems like one of RyJ's which needs some aging but I only have experience with this one box. I remember a dark/sour cherry note on the last one I smoked and maybe some dark chocolate? Would love to hear other peoples experience with them though.


@NSXCIGAR @Fugu you both seem to have some experience with the Regalias

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4 hours ago, Bijan said:

My top 3, sports largos, petit julietas, mille fleurs.

Not crazy about anything else.

Petit Royales are well received, but I haven't been blown away.

I'd agree with that ranking. 

I had tried a few Royales  and I thought they were pretty good. They are overpriced but I snagged a box last year at around $130 and they were just totally uninspiring. Lots of construction issues as well. 

Then I had a few Petit Churchills last year that were pretty good. I learned my lesson this time and only picked up a handful of singles in Cuba. Disappointed again and again, construction issues. 

I've heard this same story with Short Churchills. Someone has a good one, buys a box and gets burnt. Picked up a few Churchill Tubos last time as well and they had to be the most lifeless, boring cigars I've had since the RA3s I just got. I would by far rather have had a JLP Petit Cetros and that's a testament to the Petit Cetros. 

I'm pretty much over RyJ. It's an amateur hour brand and has been for 20 years. Lowest ceiling of any brand by far. Getting a 93+ point RyJ is nothing short of a miracle. I have 5 regular rotation cigars I could pull out right now that I guarantee will be 93+ points like Connie 2, La Fuerza, Distinguidos, Wide Edmundo, Galanes etc. 

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