Tough day at the office

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7 hours ago, El Presidente said:

And I thought I was having a tough day :D

Caught up with a very good mate of mine yesterday to go over my insurances. He has built a very nice boutique  business that is at the top of it's game. 

Staff are a blessing ( DI reads these posts ;)) but sometimes they can get on each others nerves and things can get out of hand. In this case the two ladies involved took it to a new level and one resigned on the basis of bullying, putting her side of the story to her boss, my mate. 

My mate purchased flowers, tried to get her back, couldn't do so and and so she finished up. 

Given a bullying complaint had been labelled, local employment laws require a formal warning letter to be issued to the alleged perpetrator along with suggested counselling. 

It was a masterpiece of a warning letter.................that he handed to his wife.

 I am told the home environment is a tad chilly.   :rotfl:

There are days that you really need a glass of something good and a cigar :cigar:

I gave my 16 year old daughter the best advice a father could ever give. "Stay single and don't get married". 

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