piece by anthony bourdain for the new yorker in 1999. interesting stuff.

Ken Gargett

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@Ken Gargett you need to see the movie "Waiting" . This is the reason I never send anything back ...




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21 hours ago, SpecialK said:

@Ken Gargett you need to see the movie "Waiting" . This is the reason I never send anything back ...

when studying at Uni, i worked in a few kitchens (more front of house as a waiter but you see enough). that is why i never do. 

oh the horror. seriously, i reckon it was about three years before i ate in a restaurant for pleasure after one place. i saw a waiter, not me, drop a tray and the meals slide off, some straight into the garbage and some to the floor. they were all picked up, put back on the plate and served.

mind you, the clientele at this place, far too many deserved it. a theatre restaurant. so large groups, usually office parties and there would always be one tosser who had to be the funny guy, usually at the expense of the waiters. i very quickly learnt that the customer may be right but he can't win that battle. i will not put in print some of things that may or may not have happened but it was a never ending war with the customers. we went through a lot of tabasco that may not always have been ordered. and that was very minor. amazing how the tosser always seemed to enjoy the evening far less than his colleagues. 

the other war was between kitchen staff and waiters. no one, least of all the customers, wins that. my highlight was accidently electrocuting the head chef - he lived (his dyed hair always looked like he'd been electrocuted before that happened and it did not stop him wearing hideous Hawaiian shirts every single night). another time, an accidental spoon into the munchie. that went very badly for all. who knew that could shut down the entire operation for an hour? but they more than got their own back, i assure you. 

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7 hours ago, BrightonCorgi said:

He's got a way with words.  Great read.  Wasn't so much a fan towards the end of his career. 

i'm with you on this. thought it all became a bit processed at the end. when he wrote without trying to come off as some ubercool seer, or when he simply talked off the cuff, terrific stuff. 

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