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Hey, I'm Dan. Been a lurker and shopper on FOH for a bit, even posted a few times, before realizing I should have posted here first. Whoops, better late than never.

Grew up in Jersey and currently reside in Queens, NYC with my wife, 11mo daughter, and dog (13yr old Yorkie). Got into cigars about 2-3 years ago, and found this gem about a year ago as I started to build out my stash. I enjoy lying to myself that "I just want to see what's being sold on 24:24" as I pull up a draft email to Di and repeatedly smash the refresh button starting 2 minutes before the 24:24 post.

Favorite cigar right now is probably the Punch Punch, although I just tried the mag 46 ROTT and love the profile.

Favorite cigar pairing is all forms of whiskey/rum (laga 16 reigns supreme in my book) or a crisp lager/pilsner (can't go wrong w/ a bud light).

Thanks for reading, and big thanks to FOH staff and mods for all the great work!

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