Cohiba Exquisitos 21 (S&FBRW)

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4 hours ago, SeacoastFirewood said:

I am excited to try one of these, as i have not tried one so unfortunately i cant answer your question from experience. 

If you don't mind me asking, what was the price pre increase for this stick?

Sent you a DM

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I love the Exquisitos.  On occasion I have them with a morning Expresso or early afternoon. Skinny flavor bombs and stronger than you think they would be. 

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One of the "hidden" gems of Cohiba.  People shit on these & the Panatelas for the longest time, but the Exquisitos at least seem to be getting alot of shine in forums/groups recently.  Both of these cigars can really impress with their quality & flavor.  No one makes better small format cigars than Cuba...They absolutely have their place!  I feel like everyone should have a 5-pack of each in their reserves at the very least.  A high end, small-format cigar can really come in handy for situations like weddings & parties, where you may not have the time to sit down with someone and smoke a full-sized cigar.   Nothing induces more cringe in me than seeing an ashtray full of barely-smoked cigars next to an empty box on the patio!    

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