Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Depute 2017 (S&FBRW)

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I am a fan of the Depute. It is rare that I get "blown away" but I am generally treated to a rich cigar experience with a minimum of fuss. It is what a cigar should do and the Depute does it so damn well. it is a cut above. Thank you for the review :cigar:

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19 hours ago, alex1126 said:

I love these, they are in my top 3

1. reyes

2. depute

3. party shorts

Reyes of course, pre-price jack - used to be in the mix... (at least for me)

Once upon a time I liked Dip5s but that was many moons ago.

Need to try a Depute, sounds intriguing.

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Good review. The Le Hoyo du Depute’ is definitely one of my favorite short smokes — it has that sweet, creamy, rich flavor and twang that keeps me reaching for another. As someone coined the phrase a few weeks ago, it is certainly in that “cheap and cheerful” category.

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