The man behind the FOH Mural.

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2 hours ago, NYgarman said:

What is the story behind the cigar smoking chimp in the red Shriners cap if I may ask? And who designed it?

I am to blame for the chimp concept  and our previous designer (nowhere near as good as you Steve ;)) brought him to life.  He has served us well!!!



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6 minutes ago, RDB said:

Really nice interview and a great story about becoming an artist. I love the straight / not too edited style, lets the person come through.

true, it is actually a very good interview, kudos.


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The art and interview are top notch, thanks. 

From age 12 here on Maui, I’ve been immersed in the the world of art via my Melbourne-native stepdad George Allan. He’s spent the rest of his life here honing and exposing his talent and passion for the arts, something I’ve struggled at times to connect with, as I trend more towards the rigid arena of mechanical engineering and the logic that follows. 

Being exposed to the open-mindset that is common among artists of all sorts has definitely benefited my professional life, and while I don’t always connect with their visions, I totally appreciate the endeavors and courage of people like Jason. Good on ya mate!

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Great stuff.

Most striking for me was that JC didn't like it after he was finished (not unusual) - chasing perfection, chasing the dragon. I hope he and his friends can find a relatively low cost builing they can turn into studio space.

Well done guys.

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