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  1. Back from Kentucky, unfortunately there was limited space in the luggage?
  2. Can’t go wrong with any of the FourSquare Exceptional Cask Selections, full of flavor and drinks like a bourbon
  3. These buys changed my thoughts on sipping Tequilas and Rums... fell into another rabbit hole.
  4. I use Bóvedas 65 in my Tupperdor and in my unplugged Coolidge, since my house stays at around 70F. I might have to try using Bovedas 62 For my ready to smoke sticks, since living in Louisiana humidity makes it tough on keeping them lit too long
  5. That would be an awesome project. If you end up making it yourself, post pics
  6. Sending email with info.... can’t wait. Something to look forward to!!
  7. I’m interested! I was signed up as a noob ...until it was cancelled? Something to look forward to!!!
  8. Looks like The Thing in the ocean. I’m interested..... better than those Mega Sharks and Mega Octopus movies
  9. Very cool to hear the story behind the artist. Great art work too!
  10. Interesting. Would of been nice to have a larger participation

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