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Have you ever ordered a box of cigars and received a totally different box than ordered?

I did once about dozen years ago.  I ordered JL No. 2 and got Upmann Conn. instead.  I mentioned to the vendor I got the wrong box and am happy keeping the Upmann's instead.  They were fine with it. 

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I think it's happened to me but so long ago I forgot. It wasn't a major purchase. I think I ordered RASCC and got BCJ or something. I doubt I would have returned it and almost certainly smoked what I got. 

I have, however, received a box of RASS and a petaca of CoRo out of nowhere from a popular vendor that I never paid for. My account info even showed I ordered them and I had not. The RASS was in 2009 and the CoRo was 2012 I believe. Nothing since, but I always hope for another!

Unfortunately, they were both pretty mediocre. But considering they were free, they were spectacular!

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