Partagas Short UGO ABR 18 (SRW)

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These are often referred to as the D4's little brother.  Don't agree.  So whoever the jackleg is that says that is wrong.  ? 

I think the Party Short is as reliable as they get.  This one carried the torch.

Construction and burn were excellent.  Just the right resistance and loads of smoke.  I know these should be smoked slow, but I had a hard time adhering to that.  It hit the spot and was hard to put down.

Medium bodied, rich, leather (  fine Corinthian -- '75 Cordoba -- I believe) cedar and a gentle sweetness throughout.  Toasted tobacco with an apricot or other dried slightly bitter fruit to midpoint.  Pepper crept in towards the end. 

What it lacks in talent it makes up for with hard work.  I give this little guy a hard-earned A-. 






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Nice review. I had a D5 recently and it was spectacular. Haven't had a D4 just yet, but one is sitting in the dry box to hopefully be smoked later today.  Monte 5 is my go to shortie but I've yet to get my hands on one of these guys. Looking forward to it!

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