H. Upmann Magnum 46 MSA DIC 17 (RGRW)

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Lovin' on these.  Consistently good and my take is always the same.

Beautifully rolled and oily.  Strong and among the most consistent I have ever smoked.  Nothing subtle about it.  Powerhouse without a lot of evolution.  Definitely got that pungent "mongrel" which I really like. Smoke was viscous.  Leather and even licorice throughout.  Dark chocolate in and out until the final third.   

The consistency is uncanny.  I haven't a had a dud from the '17 stock, and the burn in all of them has been excellent.  Along with the Connie A and JLS 1, I find these to be the most consistent and excellent smokes of recent vintage.

I give 'em an "A -." 

Follow me . . . 







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59 minutes ago, Capt. Corona said:

Corona Gorda is my favorite size.   Can't beat a 46, Punch Punch, Sig IV, so on and so forth! :ok:

Same here.  I've found the corona gorda hits the sweet spot for me too, in all marcas.  


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