Cuaba Pirámides EL 2008 TAB SEP 08 (PBRW)

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Was able to get a box of these on the FOH auction site. I've had them before and I liked them. This box is in the wineador for the next 30 days to acclimatize.
Well done! Great cigar but ugly looking thing. Do yours look like this one?

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On 6/16/2019 at 4:56 AM, Akela3rd said:


I received this cigar from@Luca a few months ago when he was in London so the choice of reading material seemed more than appropriate - London Vinyl by Tom Greig.

The wrapper was thick and veiny, quite a knarly looking cigar with very little smell at the foot and very faint flavours on the pre-draw. Tea and coal and hay, but all only very slight. The construction felt good though and the stick felt quite weighty.

On lighting it provided an absolutely perfect draw with thick smooth smoke from the outset. Definitely creamy in the mouth. Quite mild but definitely tastes like an aged cigar, no elbows and mingled flavour notes. Tea ( Earl Grey), slight sweetness - marshmallow or the light dusting on a bon-bon. It reminds me very much of the Upmann Robustos I recently finished from my 08 travel humidor. Of Cuaba I've only had the Divinos and that box was hit and miss so I've got no real benchmark for the marca. Largely irrelevant as it's very EL in character, very similar to the RACA -- hints of mineral with that sweetness.

Happily ploughing through the first third and it's good but the indications are that there's something more hiding behind a corner somewhere. Toast, buttered toast in fact, oh it's so smooth and creamy. It then develops a real sweet tea element. Should have had this at 4pm on a Sunday with my pinky finger sticking out. The ash looks a little flakey but refuses to drop.

Into the second third as the rain forces me to put up a patio umbrella, but it's all good. Hints of nuts and a slight tingly feel on the tongue like space dust. Ash finally goes at approaching 2". It opens up a smidgen and the strength settles to a solid medium - improving an already good experience. Milk chocolate, more nuts, more tea, darker now, and another round of toast. All smoothed together with that intriguing tingle underpinning it all.

Final third and the bands come off. It may have become muted for a while but it's more likely that I got a bit lost in the book - a compendium of London's independent record shops, a number of which I frequent and a shedload more I need to find. As it ends the darkening tea seems to become a light coffee, black pepper on the retrohale signals it's had it's day. Go on then, one last drag...

Paired it with a black coffee which cut the smooth and creamy characteristics nicely.

An excellent cigar - thank you so much Luca - and an excellent book. If your into your vinyl and in London, buy it.

Cigar 9/10

Book 10/106b90ce6785eaa131fdafce35474789e8.jpg6be24c22d8d26774f0f7672295d7ecb3.jpg97b28c6c24104b7633fd04289e694ec5.jpgd0d93311fd5a183478e5d6fb644b1ec0.jpgb3f21125b1342d15fb11970e54659c8e.jpg


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Glad you enjoyed it @Akela3rd! Great review :) You're right it is a creamy cigar. I wish I had more of them. An Excellent Cuaba EL! Every one I had also was constructed really well. Ash was flaky but never dropped. Apologies for the late reply by the way!

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