congrats ash barty, but...

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what a great win. and so fabulous to see an aussie win a tennis grand slam and it not be one of the imbecile twins. 

but, the czech girl who lost? very upset at the moment of the loss, slumped into her seat head in hands. and what did she do then? if it was one of the imbeciles, probably abuse a child, beat up a chair, blame everyone else in the world. but no, this girl, within two minutes of losing a grand slam final, was on her phone tapping out texts or twits or whatever. it is an entirely different world. can anyone imagine john newcombe or rod laver winning, or losing, a final and going straight for their phone? 

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Ha so true Ken , I noticed that as well and was a little stunned...No doubt Tweeting sending and replying to text.

Ash Barty so very well done. Not only did she give her apponent a lessen in tennis, she is so humble and respectful to everyone....yes mate I think those two could look to her play hard and fair, to win... and to inspire young tennis players and people world wide 

She is only 23 ...great day to be an Aussie 

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I whole heartily agree with what had been mentioned in the above posts 

good onya ash you make us proud 

not like those other two twats ???

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