Montecristo 3 ASU DIC 17 (MPCRW)

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This cigar was a big crossing point for me and my beloved hobby. As some have seen my post linked below, it has not been an easy few days. 



     aside from all the humi trouble, this stick needed a dry box badly, but I gave it a few gentle squeezes and it loosened up enough to smoke. No clip so I mangled it with a knife. This is one experience that made me feel like a complete newbie 

Part 1: Cream and nutmeg right off the hop. I was relieved to taste this as there has been a few duds in this box. as the first third got under way it turned into raisin bread and then graham crackers.  and fruit forward bitters in the retrohale.  midway thru the first third it’s orange chocolate. Graham cracker is back with peppery cinnamon and brown sugar. I see a pin sized hole in the side of the monte and I convinced myself its evidence of a beetle, so I peel off the wrap and under the hole, in the filler, no evidence of burrowing. I am a paranoid man right now.

Part 2:  The flavours muted but the smoke got chewy and nutty. Peanut butter in the retrohale. Not any big flavours to speak of, but compared to a few of the duds I smoked from this box, I'm fine with it. 

Part 3: nothing to note, cigars moisture is way high, its all coming apart because of my amateur move with clipping with a knife, and I finish this smoke really pondering my position here. My cigar passion is about a year old, I've got a lot of great sticks in my collection, and boom the weather changes and I've got a brand new situation on my hands in controlling humidity and temperature. And a lot more to learn. Humbling experience today folks. 



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That will make anyone sick!  It’s a marathon and not a sprint.  The most painful moments often lead to the most growth.  Stick with the hobby and the sticks should be fine!  

Hang in there.  

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  I think that getting a hold of humidity and storage is a huge part of the growing into the hobby. Once I nailed it the smoking experience grew exponentially better. It was just the simple things too; freeze and lots of 65% beads and let it all settle. From then on no problems with relights, crisp intense flavours, no more worrying about bugs or mould etc

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