Whiniest Whiners in Sports?


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Interesting one. Don't watch any current motor sports. But I remember Alain Prost being a world champion whiner. It was never his fault when the result didn't pan out for the team. 

If you consider card playing a sport (what isn't a sport according to ESPN?) then poker players would have to be right up there. Other than that, and possibly way more legit in terms of being called a sport, tennis players always seem to exhibit a rather disproportionate amount of whiny aggrievement. 

Re the graphic: very observant of you. :yes:

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in the NFL, clearly a three way tie between iggles, giants and cowgirl fans.

anything the kiwis are involved in, unless they win. 

anything the english are involved in, even if they win. 

australian tennis players. well, kyrios and tomic. fortunately, guys like rafter and the old guard give some balance. but kyrios and tomic - if they were as good at tennis as they are at whinging and bitching and blaming... 

and isn't this a thread likely to make friends and influence people! 

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