Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona GOS JUL 17 (MPCRW)

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I am burning through a 2012 box, and they are very good. Tons of milk chocolate notes and smooth creamy smoke. Give your box 5 years if you can and see the difference.

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On 5/26/2019 at 1:18 PM, Lucass111 said:


So I decided to bust out a Rafael Gonzalez petit corona. A 24:24 purchase I made a while back. I haven't smoked many of these so I'm still trying to get a grasp of what they are all about. There was a slight crack in the wrapper that exploded a bit. I'm thinking I should have dry boxed a little. The pre light draw was tighter than I prefer. I got some hints of woody sweetness.


The first third I got more of the pre light flavors. Very woody with a touch of sweetness. The burn was very good.


The second third I reached the crack in the wrapper and had to do some touch ups. Maybe a bit over humidified. Much more of that wood flavor.


The last third was disappointing. The cigar tasted hot and I got that bitterness that made me put the smoke down for good.


Overall I feel like these have potential. I'm going to dry box the next one and compare. This experience was around an 80 out of 100. Nothing to jump up and tell your friends about. Here's to hoping the next one improves. 0861bbc8c918d93f962c4c8964f9eefa.jpg95db715002915909dc958868eae710e3.jpgb8359b4f2c97d8b692888022336fff00.jpg


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Sorry Lucass, I was thinking of the Perla.  But I do have a PC that I'm gonna leave for 3 years or more.........

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