Partagas Short UGO ABR 18 (MPCRW)

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1 hour ago, CampDelta369 said:

Partagas Short UGO ABR 18

Cold Nose: Hay and Barnyard Sweetness

Cut, Toast, Light with soft flame lighter

1/3: Cafe Americano, leather, nuts, touch of sweetness. The smoke is thick and rich. The construction and wrapper are excellent with a fine silky tooth. The burn is very good at the start and the draw a bit firm. A delicious opening that makes me wish my morning coffee was this good on the palette. Mild - medium strength.

2/3: A bit of pepper on the finish just starts to creep in. The sweetness is still profound, almost like a teaspoon of sugar in a mild tea. The ash easily holds through all thirds, a testament to the construction of this Minuto. There is a subtle tea, cream, sugar on the retro-hale. Almost similar to a fine tannin which I associate with tea, just underneath the core sweetness. I find myself chewing on the smoke. A white Pepper comes a bit more in the finish on the throat. The sweetness and creamy flavors dominate in this third. Still mild-medium 

3/3: We are at a medium now with roasted nuts, burnt tobacco with that cream and sweetness in the background. It gets a bit hot at the band but I smoke past it and all good. This young marca is almost at the nub and the dance is over. It’s a Solid 91 for me. This number should get better with a bit of age I imagine but I am perfectly happy with having another morning Party Short tomorrow. Cheers

PARTSH First.jpg

PARTSH Second.jpg

PARTSH Third.jpg

One of my favorite Petit Coronas! I need to get 50 Cab of these!

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I missed the Jesus PSP Cab last week on 24:24. They looked as described.

These are definitely must have (love oily wrapper of PSP)! I actually bought single Party Shorts at local cigar shop several years ago, and it was too humid unlike FOH 24:24 cigars. Will buy Party Shorts 50 Cab on 24:24 sales someday...


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I missed the Jesus PSP Cab last week on 24:24. They looked as described.

I was lucky enough to get that Jesus cab. Anxiously awaiting even more now thanks to your review.

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