Upmann Half Corona MEG FEB 17 (MPCRW) *

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Nice review - agree with your flavour notes. For me, they are great little smokes but sometimes the first few puffs can have more pepper than I like. After that its just cream and nuts all the way - really nice! It is either these or the HdM Petit Robustos for me as a small format smoke.

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As luck would have it had picked out this stick for a coffee break at work today. This box has always been a good performer for me in the past. The wrapper was a nice even lighter shade and had a pleasant aroma. Cold draw gives a taste of some light cedar, cocoa with sweet honey. Paired up with some Istanbul nespresso pods. Draw is just right with a small amount of resistance.


First third - Had to use matches to spark it up and the wind was not being co-operative. Leading me to not have a very even burn start on the stick. Get it under way and starts off in a usual coffee cream, honey touches with cedar. A centimeter in and then a spice kicked in which was pepper like. Not the usual profile i associate with this stick. Interested to see where this goes, makes me wonder if the windy conditions today at the airport are helping...


Into the 2nd third and that spicey dry peppery taste has fortunately dialed back and the cream has evened it out. The honey from the cold draw and the commencement is now in there as well which is feeling to be coupled with a light nut flavour. Burn wise it has evened its self out somewhat with a little help, though still a bit wonky. To be expected given the conditions though.


Final third remain on track with the 2nd with the sweet creamy staying prevelant and the nut flavour becoming more distinctively hazelnut.



Personally I find these half coronas to have all the good of the upmann flag packed into the small format which is great when time is not conducive to a larger format . Unfortunately I just keep feeling like I could do with more of it when it comes down to the nub. Giving this one a solid 89





It is one of my fav Petit Coronas! To me, its flavor resembles with smaller version of Mag 46 since it has pepper, cream and coffee.
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17 hours ago, wolfain said:

More important question , is that coffee nice ?

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The coffee is decent enough for a pod. It’s a stronger blend which I enjoy with a cigar when taken just plain black. Personally I find it helps to pronounce the sweet notes in the cigars 

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