Walk-in humidor or deluxe humidor?

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Greetings everyone,

I've got 30ish boxes of cigars in my home stash and storage is becoming a problem. Should I just borrow a small room and stick a humidifier in there and thus make a walk-in humidor, or buy one of those massive deluxe humidors?

Temperature isn't a bother because I'm UK based.

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To know what your best option is, it’s important to know what your budget is.  I haven’t built a walk-in humidor because I think there’s a little more involved than just sticking a humidifier in a closet- even if you don’t have to control for temp.

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Yes you need to control temperature and humidity or you're going to have mold. I have a room in my basement that I put a split system air conditioner in and then found out I had to put in a dehumidifier to control the humidity.

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Being someone who builds humidors for climate control, it is important to me to control environment.

I find this question increasingly more difficult to peer review. Meaningful discussion requires a study of your ambient over the year, your tastes, desires and needs.

Controlling an environment that is near ideal is a no-brainer. It is for those who live in more varied and volatile ambients that the costs and abilities to control the humidor become a problem.

Best of luck on your project. -Piggy

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