Stores Sharing Box Codes?

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Our hosts are great with sharing box codes of cigars for sale. Reached out to another store and asked for sample box codes on a couple of vitolas. Response was: " My apologies, we do not maintain a boxcode list so are unable to provide that information." Is it asking too much to ask for box codes?

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Most vendors do not keep track. Fulfilling buyers' code requests is extremely time consuming and labor intensive. Rob tells you what he's got and what you're going to get. He might give you 2 or 3 options but only one other vendor I'm aware of gives an extensive list to choose from going back years. I would say it's a bit of a niche for that vendor and he's decided to do that. Hard to keep shipping times and prices down with that practice though. 

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I have noticed that many vendors will share box code information as long as the request is reasonable. If you ask for a list for every stamp for every item that is stocked, chances are they will say no. However, if you ask for stamp info on a particular item or two, they would be able to share what is available. I have had these types of requests fulfilled many times.


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1 hour ago, El Presidente said:

You need really good systems and even then things can go pearshaped.

4 mastercases of monte 2 were unpacked yesterday. 7 codes.  5 codes already on shelves so 12 total not including aged. 

Next shipment arrives next week. 

Hats off to my mate who has the systems in place!


I used to buy a lot from your mate and now buy only here unless travel out of the US and buy some then.  I find I get better information from the 24:24 about the cigar than simply the code  (which certainly has value...)

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