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  1. We are talking Florida 90% humidity outside. What size cigar do you think smokes best in high humidity weather? I think small ring sizes like 42 and below May work best.
  2. A. Funds aren’t settled instantaneously. There will be lots of liquidations of accounts when options expire. These brokers just don’t want to be left holding the bag. If one doesn’t like it, one should use a real brokerage instead of Robinhood. B. This wouldn’t happen with crypto. C. Blockchain is the future in these regards. Consumers will be able to make direct exchanges via smart contract blockchain like Uniswap. Will take out the middleman and be extremely secure.
  3. At what point do you stop smoking a typical cigar? I find that I'm done with the cigar after about 2/3, leaving 1/3. I feel like I'm "wasting" fine tobacco, but I find that they get a bit acrid at that point.
  4. I bought a box of these upon release from a reputable European shop. Pulled one out recently and smoked it. While smoking, I noticed that it actually had a Serie D No. 4 band. Does anyone know if something happened like they used Serie D No 4 with the first few batches? I tried to research online and could find no such reference. Thanks!
  5. I have same box, same box code. Had one this past weekend and my thoughts were very similar to yours. This was like a 93 for me and was way better than the Montecristo Petit Edmundo that I smoked for review weekend.
  6. I’ll post some in morning when I get back to work.
  7. One of the things we look for in Cohiba bands is whether the bottom squares touch the Cohiba name box. Just got some VI tubos where bottom line of white boxes hit the Cohiba name box. So...label misprints do occur occasionally, correct?
  8. These were PSP from our host. Construction was perfect. Just a slightly tight draw, which is exactly the way I like it. First 1/3: cocoa; graham cracker. A bit muted. Kind of reminded me of how a fine wine may hit a dumb phase, where is is closed down, for a period of time. At the 1/2: Unbuttered biscuit. Lightly roasted coffee. Second half: unsweetened cocoa. Decent cigar. I’d give it an 88/100.

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