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This will be even more brief than my usual brief reviews....   I tried to find something to like in this single I received from someone/somewhere.   I don’t remember aquiring it.   Maybe a sampler?  Maybe... who knows.  Rather pale.  No sheen to be seen. Good construction I will say.  This one was rather flat in flavor.  No saltiness, no driftwood, nothing unique at all.  Good smoke production though.  No outstanding or otherwise discernable flavors.   Razor sharp burn.  I did smoke it right down, and the roller got the construction perfect for sure. Would have been an excellent yard ‘gar....    Disappointing as all the SPB I’ve had prior have been quite good to outstanding!




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4 minutes ago, THEMISCHMAN said:

Sorry to hear it was underwhelming. I’ve been wanting to find a few of those to try as I don’t have much experience with SP.

Well, please don't let my review deter you!!  As mentioned, those that I have had have been way above average.  And that's across the board.  The Beli's, Non Plus and Molinos are the only ones I've tried to date and I certainly recommend them!

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