San Cristobal De La Habana La Punta ROTT April 19 (SSTRW) 

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Construction: Beautiful brown wrapper with a slight redness showing in the direct sunlight. Firm sponginess of fresh tobacco.

Pre light: Sweet hay, slight Barnyard urine, toasted tobacco. Using a soft flame lighter; Toast, light, and cut.  Firm draw. Added a second cut. Better now. Nuttiness, slight sweet cream, white Pepper on light.

1/3: White pepper spice dominates other core flavors of Cocoa, black Arabica caffe w some cream. I can get some slight bakery goods underneath. A bit of sweetness as well. The Burn is a bit uneven at start but wind and the soft flame didn’t help. Having to Coax smoke out on draw a bit. the Pepper moves to back of throat towards end first 1/3. Some more cocoa notes rise along with The rest of the bakery.  Draw smoke improves quite nicely. Ash is firm and holds entire first 1/3+

2/3: More of same if not turned up a notch. I got a nicotine hit at halftime for sure, if anything due maybe to young age of this marca. Slight burn correction after the two inch ash tip. Flavor profile fairly steady. Smoke volume better as well.

3/3: Pepper gives up on the tongue and more of the core flavors shine. White Bakers chocolate sprinkled on that cake batter. Pepper finish dissipates almost completely. Things get a bit hot at the band and the dance is over. Strength overall is Medium-Full. Flavor is a shade over medium.

Overall an 89 right now which is consistent with the other SCLP I had this week. No doubt this will be 90+ with a bit of aging and some stable humidity time in the main box. I have a few more so I can revisit this marca over the next several months. It was Definitely an enjoyable smoke and on the Box list for aging.





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7 hours ago, nKostyan said:

Whoa! April 2019? How did You get the box so fast?

No, it was just some singles. Unknown date. They were allocated last month. I would guess 2018 some time.

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