RyJ Churchill OBM Feb 17 RyJRW

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Had the same issue with my box, almost the same code. 2016 DIC OBM I believe. Very dark psp wrappers. A few have been absolutely fire proof. Might just let these rest longer but I am not sure it will improve them. A few have been great however.

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2 hours ago, THEMISCHMAN said:

Solid write up and love those views. Too bad the Churchill was a dud. It makes us appreciate the good ones even more. I really like those FOH ashtrays. I’ll pick one up one of these days. Is it pretty sturdy?

Thanks, I love my FoH ashtray. It wasn’t cheap, but solid it is - it’s got a complete bottom to it, and it came packaged very well for transport.

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39 minutes ago, 99call said:

you either have huge hands, or a tiny Churchill. Ha!

Just cant beat that view

Haha! I guess I do have hands proportional to my size 15 feet.

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