Ramon Allones Petit Belicoso Exclusivo Gran Bretana RE 2012 GUT SEP 12 (RARW)

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Ramon Allones Petit Belicoso GUT SEP 12

This was the  U.K. Regional Edition for 2012.

A small torpedo, measuring 4.9" with a 52 ring gauge, which was just the right size for today's smoke on a cold dry day. 

Dry boxed for 4 days from 67RH


Nice firm construction but the colorado claro wrapper was quite thin and already peeling off the foot. 

I V cut for a change, the draw was actually quite loose with no more than sweet tobacco coming through.

First third 

Starts off smooth and mild, with toasted tobacco and hay. Stays this way for a while before black coffee mixes in.

Second third 

Hay goes, black coffee stays, mixed with toasted tobacco flavour. 

Last third 

The cigar gets sweeter at this point, coffee fades replaced by nutmeg and a little white pepper. The best part of the cigar for me. Unfortunately the weak wrapper split at this point which made it difficult to smoke, so I had to finish it earlier than I would have liked. 


Conclusion: A quite different profile to my old favourite, the RASS, but nice transitions for the size of the cigar. Never quite reached medium body. It is still available for £60 per cigar in the U.K. but I think I'll pass.

Score: 89 points



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54 minutes ago, rcarlson said:

And still an 89?  

I guess I was being generous, and marked it up for its breadth of flavours in such a small stick. 

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