Ramon Allones Club Allones LE 2015 (RARW)

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My wife and I decided to pair this Ramon Allones Club Allones LE 2015 (unknown) with champagne. It was my lone RA vitola (although I have a sixer of RASS on the way from last week’s 24:24. ☺️)


I over did it on the cut and the draw was fairly loose. I toasted the foot and we both were amazed at the aroma. Almost didn’t want to light it up!


Overall, it had a nice fruity/raisin flavor with some strong pepper notes. Mid way through we noted vegetal/leather (perhaps mushroom?). The champagne paired with it very well and I didn’t want to put it down. It got hot and smoky but the raisin/pepper lasted to the end.


The only issue we had was with the wrapper burn (likely from not dry boxing?)


A very enjoyable CC experience and maybe the second best for us this year. 4/5


Edit: I did not influence the ambient lighting in the smoking area. I assume blue chosen for sin....

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Wise guys
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"The only issue we had was with the wrapper burn (likely from not dry boxing?)"

I think I've identified the problem.  It appears you are smoking it underwater.  :P

(did you accidentally apply a filter?) 

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