MUL Jul 15 Monte Edmundo (MRW)

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For today's review, I'm going back to a cigar I haven't had in over a year. I'm not sure how this happened because I do like the Edmundos a lot.

The cold aroma on this cigar was very light but I was getting some earth and wood (cedar?). The draw was slightly tight but not really a problem.

Upon lighting I immediately tasted some leather, toasted tobacco and earth. There was some saltiness on the lips with a very heavy creamy smoke. 


While the burn line wasn't perfect, it never really strayed far and the cigar didn't require any touch-ups during the hour and 15 minute smoke.

The first half of the smoke continued with the woody characteristic but was joined by leather, coffee and nutty components. The chewy, creamy smoke continued as well.

I didn't detect too much of a change in the second half of the cigar except that the leather and coffee components were a little more prominent.

The cigar really smoked like a dream and I didn't put it down until it started to burn my fingertips.


I definitely need to smoke these more often. Very enjoyable indeed. I'd give it an 89-90.


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