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  1. I've smoked a couple of each so far. Both are very good, but I'm preferring the maduro right now. Can't wait to see how they evolve over time.
  2. Illusione Epernay Anything Southern Draw Trinidad Espiritu Series 1
  3. If you find their Antique 107 or 12 yr. old then jump all over them. Nothing "special" about the Special Reserve except that, like all Weller products, they disappear from the shelves pretty fast.
  4. Perdomo Cigars has had these in their offering for several years: Special Craft Series — PERDOMO CIGARS
  5. Golf at least 3 times a week. Bourbon and cigars in the backyard. Spending one day a week with my grandkids.
  6. Flat iron in a marinade. Olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, worchesteshire sauce, minced garlic, couple sprigs of rosemary. Let sit overnight. Grill to medium rare.
  7. Punch 48 LGR Jul 19 Dip 2 LGR Jun 17 Rio Seco SOR Dec 19 Principe LGR Nov 17 Epi Esp RUM Mar 19
  8. For the past couple of weeks I no longer get any FOH email notifications. I used to get an email for the 24:24 sales and the other "water hole" posts. I'm using Microsoft Edge for my browser on my laptop. It's like I've been deleted from those email lists.
  9. For this test I preferred the dry RG PC's flavor characteristics to those of the wet one. However, the burn on the wet cigar was better than on the dry one. I have used the water method on a number of cigars in the past and have always enjoyed them. It definitely seemed to improve the burn of most of them. Not smoking a dry sample right after the wet ones, I wasn't able to discern the muting of the flavors as easily as I was during this test. I will continue to occasionally wet a cigar I think might give me burn problems.
  10. RG PC Dry Review Gorgeous Colorado wrapper, firm but okay draw. Earthy tobacco on cold draw. Seltzer water to drink with it. Started out with an earthy tobacco taste with some sweet spiciness and floral notes. It quickly transitioned to the floral notes and spiciness taking control. The burn was okay but a little wonky, needing a few touch ups and one relight. The rest of the smoke was dominated by the floral notes and spiciness ( maybe nutmeg or cinnamon) with some brief appearances of cocoa and leather. Just under medium body...perfect representation of an RG PC. 75 min. smoke time. 90-91 RG PC Wet Review Ran this one under the tap for about 4-5 seconds and let the wrapper absorb and dry off on its own. Same gorgeous Colorado wrapper with a perfect draw this time. Same earthiness with a little leather on cold draw. Still seltzer water. Started out very similar to the dry one with an earthy tobacco taste but with a much more muted spiciness and floral notes. Frankly, I didn't notice much difference in the array of flavors I experienced during this smoke with the one exception being that the floral notes and sweet spiciness were way more subtle allowing me to pick up on the other flavors more easily and more often. The other difference (albeit minor) was the burn. The burn was still a little wonky but only required one touch up and no relights. I enjoyed both of these cigars a lot, but I guess I enjoyed the sharpness of the floral and spice notes in the dry version a little more even though it was to the detriment of the other flavors. Again just under medium body. I would be happy smoking either of these versions any time. 69 min. smoke time. 89 pts for this one.

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