At what point would you throw the towel in?

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Watching the Canberra Raiders v Gold Coast Titans NRL footy game yesterday afternoon and I had to have a good chuckle...

Young Corey Horsburgh made his NRL debut for Canberra, and his proud as punch dad, Rick, was in attendance, decked out to the threes in Raiders clobber. He looked smashing. The media crew had obviously teed up where he as in the crowd so they could cut to shots of him when Corey got on the field. And the commentary team had a bit of background on Rick: he used to fight in the local, I guess you'd call it semi-pro, boxing leagues. He went by the alias of Butterbean and ended his career with a, wait for it...

2 & 15 record !!! 

At this point, I am in stitches.

2-15 is a rough record in any sport, but surely doubly or quadruply so in boxing. Part of me thought this was a gee up by the commentary team, so I googled it, this morning. It's the real deal:

2 KO's of his own. KO'd 7 times himself in his 15 losses. God bless him. Too funny. 

Anyhow, young Corey's debut went pretty well. I was actually very impressed with him. He dropped the ball a couple of times, but the conditions were horrendous - it poured rain all game, and I doubt there was a player on the field who didn't drop it at least once. And the young fella was a big hitter in defence, landing some good shots, which, as the commentators quipped, was obviously more than his dad ever did with that record! :rotfl:

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4 minutes ago, Ritch said:

You can day what you want. But I bet he earnt more getting his head kicked in than I did the last time I was in a fight...

Hahahah very valid point. Low end fighters make very little but even that is more than I made from my last bar fight in college, which was a free beer. 

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Last bar fight I was in (this is going back nearly 20yrs), I didn't get a free drink... but I did get laid later that night! Definitely worth more than a free drink. :lol3:

And no, Rob, it was not out of pity for losing!!

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