1920’s and 1930’s music

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Anybody else enjoy listening to old music? Here’s a great streaming site that I really enjoy. 


From their web page

Radio Dismuke is devoted to vintage popular recordings from the 1920s and 1930s decades. Discover the exciting music from one of the most vibrant decades in popular culture and entertainment. From the boom times of the "Roaring '20s" to the hard times of the Great Depression...from frantic Charlestons danced to by a generation of flappers to sentimental ballads performed by the early crooners...from the hot jazz bands of the top Harlem nightclubs to the popular dance bands of the formative years of the swing and big band eras, the great music of the 1920s & 1930s lives on and is entertaining a new generation of enthusiastic listeners.”


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Found Fats Waller via Eraserhead in high school and grew into various old jazz since then.  I'm not a jazzhead by any means, but throw down some New Orleans jazz anytime and I instinctually reach for the liquor bottle!  :party:

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I’m a big fan.   Have three old phonographs that get regular use.  Have two up for sale because, well...   who needs three??

I had an uncle that lived in new haven.  He would hop a night train into NYC during prohibition (at the age of 14) and talk his way into clubs and any speak-easy he could find and play saxaphone with house bands. By the time he was 17 he was a member of the NBC orchestra recording on Decca.   They sent him every record they pressed while he was a band member.   Thousands of records filled his house when I knew him as a youngster in the 70s. He really got me turned on to those old big band tunes especially. He sold most of his collection when I went away to college.  Wish I had known.  The ones most important to him he kept.  When he was about 94 a “friend” offered to transfer them to MP3 for him.   The guy and the rest of his records disappeared. I do have about 100 records that were once his that he gave to his wife’s sister, and she passed them on to me.   Valued in my collection for sure. 




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Really good stuff.  Will have to check this out more often.  I still use Pandora because, well, I like it. :lol3:  But have a Swing Channel I built and also many others from Cuban to Western Swing, etc.  Like many different genre's and listen daily.  Good for the soul.  :clap:

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