Repurposing empty cigar boxes / What's the material?

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When my collection was smaller I loved saving all my empties for some unknown future project.  Mostly I store loose doodads in my house and garage such as random screws, electronic adapters or organizing gameboy cartridges (both tacky and classy!).  Now that I've hit the cuban aging hard not only do I have issues storing full boxes but I dont know what to do with all my empties.

I have a dream of building a walk in humidor someday and looking at prices of spanish cedar (planks or vaneer) makes me cry.  Is it safe to assume that all boxes are made of spanish cedar (if not obviously cardboard)?  Are dress boxes just low grade spanish cedar with a paper wrapping?  Are cuban and non cuban boxes made of the same stuff?

If this is the case I am thinking about breaking them down into similar dimensioned tiles to do an eventual "brick" patterned wall for the walkin or maybe gluing them together to make a patchwork mosaic shelving.  I think this could look neat and cut down on the cost of new material.  If I break them apart I will also be able to store them much more easily for the future, I just dont want to destroy them until I have a good plan.

I know a guy at my office who makes cigar box guitars but does anyone know of any repurposing successes or clever ideas?

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The dress boxes themselves are not Spanish Cedar.  It's just some kind of thin plywood held together by the paper wrapping.  The thin logo veneer is the only Spanish Cedar in the box.  It's worthless for lining a humidor.

If you're going to build a walk-in and want Spanish Cedar, then you're going to have to pay for it.  You'll get a better price buying it in quantity as lumber than what you see online when sold as individual planks and blocks.  ?

You can still use the box lids, or whatever, for decoration.

Great for storing keys.  And crayons lol.  I just give them away; people seem to covet them.  Otherwise, la basura.

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