NEW Kenfessions: Cohiba Siglo IV (July 2011)/Foursquare ‘Premise’ Rum; Foursquare ‘Dominus’ Rum

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Cohiba Siglo IV (July 2011)/Foursquare ‘Premise’ Rum; Foursquare ‘Dominus’ Rum

By Ken Gargett.

The two drinks for every cigar idea hit a bit of a speedbump this last time. I’ve been at a place on the coast for a while – Queensland summer – and while I brought a number of cigars, I seem to have failed to bring enough different drinks. I do have some fabulous Margaret River Cabernets, but as Rob isn’t here insisting on red wine with cigars, I won’t insult either the cigar or the wine by matching them. 

I searched the dregs of the old man’s liquor shelf – remembering that this was a man who didn’t drink so everything was largely leftovers from dinner parties or gifts from clients. There was a can of one of the great beers, XXXX’s Commonwealth Games Special – for those not drinking back in 1982, this beer blew us away. Until then, most of us had drunk absolutely nothing but XXXX in Queensland. That was how it was. In NSW, you drank Toohey’s or Resch’s, depending on your pub, Victoria was mostly VB, Adelaide was something I forget but we all called it Kid’s Beer. And no one ever went to West Australia so we had no idea, at that time, what they drank, till Bondy the Crook showed us it was Swan Lager, which as far as we could see, came straight from the Swan River. But I was not about to crack the XXXX CG Special. Among the other interesting things (not interesting enough to drink) was a bottle of Bacardi Blanc Rum, produce of Brazil, and a Queensland Grappa. Seriously.

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@Ken Gargett   Would be really interesting to see a review on a a way.       I think Ralfy ( as I do you, to give a be bob-on in terms of honesty and accuracy review)   but as an extra dimension of interest, what do you thing of this reviewer?  aka a review of a review.  I think this bloke is excellent.  whats your thoughts?


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