Havanathon 2019 - Confirmation of Date - Trip to FOH HQ

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Hi FOH, 

I am sure many of the local and overseas members are wondering, will Havanathon be scheduled this year?

If so, will it be around Oct / Nov and which weekend will be selected for the gathering of the most fun group of cigar lovers in the southern hemisphere. 

It is almost time for those going to start their planning on hall passes, plane tickets, accommodation, matching t-shirts, cigars to bring. 

Would love to know the thoughts on all the above. 




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No Havanathon this year unfortunately as our insurance will no longer cover it :rotfl:

We are working in a new event for the last weekend of October (Friday/Saturday).

Details to be released just after Easter. 


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Bummer to hear about this, but look forward to the new event.

For those who have attended in the past, and those who always wanted to but never did, here are some of the memories from the last Havanathon.


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