Doofus of the week. 911 call requests police bring him cigars.

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  • Crossville police arrested 55-year-old Jerry Dale McCuistin one evening last week for placing multiple nuisance calls to 911. On his last call, he requested that an officer bring him cigars.

While speaking with officers, McCuistin’s repeated responses were that he intended to pay the officers back when they brought the cigars, he was sorry, and – paraphrasing – that excrement “happens.”

Police arrested McCuistin for placing 911 calls in non-emergency situations.

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For some reason I'm not surprised! Atleast here in the US it doesn't come as a shock to me! I'm speaking from experience as I am a paramedic. People call 911 for am ambulance to get a ride from one side of town to another, it's gotten so bad that we have banned people from using an ambulance! 

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5 hours ago, MD Puffer said:

Not as bad as the guy who called 911 to complain that the cocaine he bought was actually sugar...

To be fair you would be quite upset. What is the world coming to when you can't trust your local drug dealer! ?

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Cannot believe what people can do in some situation ....

But as a former security officer constantly with other officers of law enforcement here 

They told me some great (unbelievable ) stories of people asking and using the emergency services for non urgent reason and just wanted to get in touch with someone as they felt alone and in need of help...

That's why here you get billed and have to pay it or give the insurance company and they'll see if they'll pay it or you have to ...



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