Friday Funny: Polar Vortex

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In 2014 central Alabama got almost 2 inches of snow.  History now refers to it as Alabama's Snowpocalypse.  

We aren't equipped to deal with snow in general and in this particular case, much of the snow melted then quickly refroze.  

Nearly all of the roads were impassable.  

It was utter chaos you cannot imagine.  Thousands of people abandoned their cars- not just alongside the highways and roads, but also in the middle of the highways and roads.

We have three dogs and the thought of cleaning up poop freaked me out enough that I decided I was going to walk 17 miles to get home so I could let them out.  I did in fact make it.  It took me from shortly after lunch until 9:30, but I made it.

I decided to walk because I was less than confident my wife was going to be able to make it home.  Thousands slept at their workplaces and the hotels were all booked solid.  

I get to the last mile before getting home.  A road that's dangerous even in the best of weather.  A real country backroad- barely paved.  Narrow and winding with plenty of blind curves and a 35 degree slope.  It was bumper to bumper cars.  All abandoned.  And I mean bumper to bumper.  They had all slid into one another.  About that time my wife called and let me know she had made it.  I told her where I was.  She asked if I wanted her to come pick me up.  I quickly replied, "No!"  and told her about the situation.

She said that it would be okay, she would just use four wheeled drive.  She drove a Lexus SUV, and I was certain it didn't have 4WD.

Turns out, she was looking at 4th gear, next to overdrive...

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@MD Puffer - I was in Atlanta for that event.  Around here it's called Snowmageddon. The best was seeing many neighbors return from their pilgrimage to the..... liquor store!  Not a short journey, at all.  What a sight seeing petiole slipping and sliding, precariously balancing their bags full of soul pleasing warmth.  We had a 2wd Volvo SUV at the time.  It had a button labeled with a "W." We pushed it and were magically able to navigate the treacherous conditions remarkably well.  We spotted the friend with the largest bags, picked him up, and hung out at their place to assist in their consumption.  Great times!  Winter events in the south always generate life long memories.

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