Fresh greetings from NJ (USA)


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Good evening (for me), everyone.  I'd like to humbly introduce myself.  My name is Mike, and I reside on the northeast coast of the good old U.S. of A.

I am quite the curator of hobbies, and enjoying cigars has quite possibly become the latest and greatest of them all.  I am, however, a relative neophyte, having only smoked cigars for about a year now.  Of that, my experience with Cuban cigars equals  That's right.  Just one.  Sad, I know.  But things will change.  Soon.  I promise!!

For the record, I have gone ahead and read all of the pinned guidelines pertaining to keeping these forums a respectable board for every contributor and onlooker.  Having said (well, written) that, I will mostly be assuming the role of secretary and student.  So, please bear with any questions that might have in my new pursuit.  Before you ask, I'll just say it: Yes, I do know what the search bar function is, and yes, I plan to use it frequently, as I do seek to learn, and hopefully have a good time while doing so, in hopes that one day I can share my own stories and suggestions.  <------ That might be a run-on sentence.


I look forward to the camaraderie. 




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