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Hello FOH!  My name is Matt.  Erm, I’ve been reading over your shoulders for some time.  ?  I feel like I already know a lot of you and have for a while.

I live in Denver, where I work as a commercial photographer by day, electrical engineer / microcode developer by night.  I started really paying attention to cigars around 2001-ish…not perfectly sure…it was a wild time.  Cuban tobacco has been my mainstay, although I have a secret respect for strong, spicy Nicaraguan leaf as well :whistle:.  When I started out I was pouring over anything I could find about Cuba’s tobacco industry which instilled in me a deep appreciation for Cuban tobacco, tradition, technique, branding, etc.  Personally, I abhor the extra-Cuban cigar industry, which seems to have centered itself on copycat and/or hipster branding, uninspired aesthetics, and over-stylized packaging.

I love full-flavored cigars, medium and full-bodied.  Bolivar, Partagas, and Ramon Allones are my standards pickups – how generic lol.  Love a strong Cazzy or a tasty Montecristo as well.  Robustos are the largest ring gauge that I ever smoke, and my heart truly goes to Coronas, Lonsdales, and Panetelas.  I agree with others who opine that the Petit Corona is a perfect size.  I love a Churchill or DC as much as anyone, but I rarely have the time to really savor one of those!  I kind of tend to prefer strong and vibrant over rounded and complex profiles in Cuban tobacco.  Can’t help it.  Please pass me a mongrel!  I also have a collection of briar pipes; I really enjoy strong, hot-pressed Virginia tobaccos.

Right now, I’m smoking through a box of Parti PCEs that are fantastic already under a year (TEO FEB 18).  I’ll never tire of them.  ?

Love the comradery here.  Thank you, Mods, for keeping politics out of your forum.  FOH has been my first and usually last stop for current info, ever since I stumbled into you all some time ago.

Cheers and happy smoking!  Thank you for accepting me into your forum.  May your next cigars completely bowl you over.  :blink:

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