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Hey all,

Forgive me if it has been brought up already, but I couldn’t find any previous posts about it... I recently purchased a commuter car and I’ll be smoking cigars on my way to work which takes one to two hours depending on traffic. Anyone have any tips for odor or ashtray recommendations? 


Thanks in advane 

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I often smoked in the car on the way to work. There are a few tips based on personal experience that I can give:

- Smoking in the car is convenient for low smoke density cigars, from light to medium strength cigars, I prefer CC;

- cigar burning should not have problems with the burning, and the ashes should not be arbitrarily to fall;

- in order to fully enjoy the smoke I close all the front Windows and open 5-10 cm rear window;

- I'm switching the air conditioner to my feet. If the air is blowing in your face there is a risk of inhaling into the lungs the smoke from smoldering of the cigar and get poisoned;

- after Smoking, I open all the Windows and air the car at speed;

- when I Park the car, I leave the Windows a little open to let it air out.


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Accept that the car will smell a bit afterwards, but goes after a few days.

I find opening the driver's window just enough to fit the cigar through for "high velocity ashing" creates enough positive pressure in the car for most of the foot smoke to go out of the window.

When done, open all 4 windows at speed to get a vortex going. 5 mins or so. At this point it's like a mini tornado and the dog hair is swirling around the cabin. 

Then reduce to opposite corners, i.e. leave driver and offisde back passenger open. Leave them as long as you can stand the noise/cold. 

Don't leave the spent cigar butts in the car. 

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I drive and smoke daily.   

Keep “fresh air” on as mentioned.  Keep ashes and butts out as well.   Drop an ash?   Vacuum it out asap. I LOVE all the new “free vacuum” places lately.   Easily found if needed.   At speed open your driver’s window a bit.  Fresh air forced in the cabin through the vent will push smoke out the gap.    

And... practice!!  

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I don’t smoke in the car but lots of guys I know do. They all say they’ve gotten good results with this. 

While I can’t speak for this I can say that the line of their products I do use is great.


i also know a guy (he’s a cigar sales guy and rents vehicles when traveling) who puts coffee in a small bag and hangs it in front of the air vents. Swears by it. 

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