A La Carte Review: Romeo y Julieta Belicoso

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RyJ Beli RUM JUL 17

Pre light aroma - cedar

Cold draw - cedar and dry tobacco, not much there

1st third - wood and cream, dry, mild bodied but good smoke production

2nd and Last thirds - cherry and piña and dry wood, one-dimensional. Remained mild bodied. Most interesting part was a brief puff or two that reminded me of fried pickles.

Best part has been the construction. Near perfect draw, razor burn the whole way with consistent half inch ash.

Picked this box up cheap to give the RyJ line a chance. Having now had the Wide and Short and Cazadore, I’m just not a RyJ fan, I think. Tend to be too dry and simple. These will be golf course sticks going forward.




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2 minutes ago, HDGSN said:

I’m just not a RyJ fan

Neither am I, unless they are 'on', and so often, they are not.    Give the new Royales a go, they are a winner.  Quite full bodied, full or R&J goodness, but if you're not too into the profile, it's a nice short hit. 

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Pretty accurate. I revisited a box of these last night. It is a box I picked up at a duty free shop, albeit an overly humidified one. It’s probably the most simple ryj I’ve had. I much prefer the short Churchill to this. I wouldn’t use the belicoso as for ryj benchmark though. 

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