New Year, new funnies!.. Smoking restrictions in Malaysia

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Soooo...  Malaysia's new regime has decided to impose a nationwide blanket sanction against smoking in public F&B joints. While this move is in-line with what most other countries have been doing, the very sudden and cold-turkey approach to it has created lots of dissent especially amongst the smokers. There are no guidelines, no rules, no application for smoking zones, just a massive big NO.

The Govt then releases a statement saying this ban is only effective within the premises of the eateries. Smokers are free to light up 3 meters away from the F&B joints.

Enjoy the pictures...











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9 hours ago, Wilzc said:



have also decided to join the festivities... however, an hour in the sun with my Partagas Shorts got me a t-shirt tan line...




You look like the dodgy street parking attendants who demand RM5 for free street parking. :P

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11 hours ago, Wilzc said:









    CLEVER! CLEVER!! :ok:

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Now this situation actually calls for a massive herf up. Anyone in KL up for it anytime prior to CNY? Or perhaps during the tail end of the CNY festivities.

We will find a place that will welcome us with arms wide open!!!

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