FoH Xmas & New Year 2018 comp. Trinidad Vigia

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Finally managed to settle down after a hectic couple of weeks over Christmas and New Year. I think I'll go for the 'cabin in the woods' option next year...

Anyway, my first Trinidad Vigia, and what a good looking cigar it is. Perfect construction, feels good in the hand despite it's chunkiness and smells like the best quality, organic, specially selected just for you, fresh as a daisy, cowshit. This is a good smell BTW. Pungent and sweet.

On lighting the first impressions are of earth and leather - think of an old football at the end of the garden - which after a while settles to a more refined version of the same flavours but slightly herbal. There's something that makes me think of 'new car' too, but maybe that's part of the leather thing or it's an air freshener thing.

The burn is impeccable throughout and the cigar develops a bit of cocoa, dark and sharp, as it works towards the band.

Then, in a surprising turn, I get a very definite hit of mint - specifically spearmint - which overrides everything else briefly. I've had this before in a couple of cigars but never this pronounced. Soon passes and the end is a nice delicate white pepper with the dark cocoa with the memory of the mint lingering.

Quite a little journey through this cigar in around 50 mins and a very interesting journey too. 99eaaeebab4326e0c6c0964a88b56e3a.jpg0e3bbf63f75e9c6855e3a9a79952e1cd.jpg


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8 minutes ago, Akela3rd said:

I think I'll go for the 'cabin in the woods' option next year...

Can I come too!.....I also had extreme inlaw punishment.   If I could of had Jeffrey Dahmer poor battery acid in my ears, and make the pain of consciousness go away , I would of done!

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Great review, the more I have them the more I want Trinidads.  Did you get any hints of heroin? I can only assume this is the blend
Not a flavour I'm familiar with so I couldn't possibly comment, officer.

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