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Love these old antique, silk cigar ribbon items

It begs the question...............What level CC smoker are you??, i.e how many ribbons do you own for a possible arts and craft project.

Handkerchief = Novice

Cushion = Old hand

Bedspread   = Maniac


cigar-ribbon-silk-quilt-pillow_1_ea123741e762f8f72bfbe3411a20a3f4 (1).jpg



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6 minutes ago, Derboesekoenig said:

That's actually really clever. Never would've thought to do that

What I think thats really nice about it, is the amount of history woven in.  If that blanket/table cloth was from one house hold, it represent the fabric of someones whole smoking life. 

Personally if I had that many, I would be wondering "how on earth am I still alive?", might use it to like my casket

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