Your best box of cigars

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Hard to define "best" box but one of my 2 most prized boxes is also a box of Lusis - 10 ct, MAR 18, to celebrate the month my daughter came to live with me full time.  The other prized box is a FEB 08 10 ct of Cuabas that I scored earlier this year, because Feb 08 is her birth month.  Like the OP, they're no gran reserva but they're special to me, and my intent is to smoke one each year to celebrate the relevant dates.

As for the box that's just "on", the one that I wish was a magical bottomless box that will never end, I'm gonna say FEB 17 JL2.  But I hear the 18's are even better, which makes me worry less about running out of my 17's

ETA - I guess that's 3 boxes, not 1 as was supposed to be the theme of this thread.  But hey, I almost listed 4, lol


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I have a few great boxes of cigars, a lot of really good cigars, many pretty good cigars and a few not quite meeting the mark.

Trying to name the best box is kind of like picking your favorite child! 

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I got into boxes more recently, I've a few hundred singles to work through though!

So I've not touched any of the boxes really. So I will have to abstain from this one other than the box of Fundadores from 2011. Only had one so far and very nice.

Oh did I mention I have 2 boxes of these [emoji16]

Do also want to score a quality box of this vitola this year. So do me proud 24:24.

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