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1 hour ago, losttrailer said:

Ha, he asked the unaskable question . Sirs, pick up your stones please . . .

well, let's start with marsmallows :ph34r:

Definitely looking forward to these, do they have a name already ?

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13 hours ago, Danimalia said:

Any smokers who remember the old Serie du Connoiseurs have any recommendations for anything similar in flavor profile, or were they pretty unique?

For me the Partagas 898 shares family traits with the SdC line.

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I just love the fact that you are in the position to do this. Full on Jean-Luc Picard "Make it so, No.1" mode, which explains the name...



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Bring 'em. I love the size and I sorely miss the Partagas SdC, one of my favorites before they were cut. 

So, what is the origin of the tobacco in these, is it from the ISOM?

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On 10/23/2018 at 2:50 AM, El Presidente said:

Unloved ,unwanted and unavailable...so I made my own. 

Some blend testing with Ken this afternoon. 

143mm (5 5/8) x 35 gauge. 

 I miss my Partagas  Serie De Connaisseur No 3 a lot so with some good friends we decided to make some. 

8/10 for our first effort. Full bodied, rich, great construction. I just want to tweak the blend a minute touch. 

When they are available next year, they will be like this but in bundles of 50. 


Custom Carlota.jpg

Custom carlota 2.jpg

Yet another reason this community is so special. Great work Rob!!!

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