What's Hot, What's Not : Tales from the warehouse - April 2018. 

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15 hours ago, benfica_77 said:

Thanks El Jefe I hope these updates become a semi-regular occurrence. Not only I / we the community get to learn more about the ebbs and flows of what's good at the moment it also helps us appreciate more the work you and your team do to weed out the crap. Looking forward to those Genios 10 count boxes! 

Agree 100%, this is awesome insight! 

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Arghhhh. My La Fuerza TOS DIC 15 are smoking so brilliantly my only complaint is that the burn is hampered by my uncontrollable drool of delight. I was wondering how I can replace them and this review brings tears to my eyes.

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Great preview although I have been wanting some sancho panzas belicosos? hopefully the shabby look does not effect the taste...?

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What's Hot, What's Not : Tales from the warehouse. 
Finished 12/4/2018
Quality appears to be on the upswing across the board as third and fourth quarter 2017 stock hits home.  Certainly better than lat 16/early 17. 
I haven't got a definitive reason why. The only theory I have is that with the bumper wrapper coming through first quarter next year, they released the reins a little on reserves. 
In terms of supply, super premiums are thin on the ground. Trova, VI etal are nowhere to be seen. Esplendidos/lanceros/898 get dribbled out in pitiful quantities. The quality is solid (as it should be).  Quai d' Orsay 50/54 are not around, Winstons have dried up again. 
Wha'ts Hot
  1. Genios : Holy mother of Mary they were great. In terms of quality they were number 1  Up on 24:24 next week. 
  2. Partagas Lusitania 10's: Hop on the carts and buy as many as you can. 
  3. Cohiba Piramide Extra :The best I have seen for a long while. 
  4. Rass 50 Cabs:   They are back at the top of their game this month. 
  5. Trinidad Reyes: Excellent quality. They are either up or have been up. 
  6. Bolivar Belicoso Finos: Current batch is the best in 4-6 months. Excellent. 
  7. Talisman. Some cracking PSP/HQ turned up. li> <li> Quai d
  8. Ramon Allones Superiores : They have been crappy for a while but they are back with a red hue wrapper vengeance. 
  9. H. Upmann Magnum 46: I smoked through two of these while at the warehouse. It is my kryptonite. 
What's Not. ' alt='> What's Not. '>
  1. R&J Wide Churchills :  Where has the love gone?  If it were a horse you would put it down. 
  2. R&J Short Churchills:   see above. 
  3. Vegas Robaina Unicos:  smoking OK but look ugly as sin. If on special only. 
  4. San Cristobal La Fuerza:  From superstar to crack ***** in 2 years. Wait for the movie. 
  5. Sancho Panza Belicoso:  My eyes!
  6. Hoyo de Monterrey Especial:  If you threw these....someone would die. 
  7. Cohiba Secretos : It is diamonds or dog rockets with these. This shipment it is the latter. 
  8. Cuaba Salomones :  They forgot to put in tobacco. 
  9. Bolivar Corona Junior: eek. If you are not going to even try....then don't make them. 
  10. Monte 2 in 10's.   Hard to believe the cigars were yellower than the box. 
At the end of the day the team here checks all stock so you will be sweet.  Most times there are  gems among even the worst  mastercases.
I thought crack whores have more fun.

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Please do make these a mainstay - this kind of honesty and customer service about inventory or stock is not readily accessible for consumers out there.  Case in point - La Fuerzas are a go to for me having gotten into the SCdlH profile around 2012, and I was about to buy a box, but definitely not know.  However, you have now encouraged me to look at other options that maybe I have not tried or that maybe I gave up on because of poor performance in the past (QdO Coronas).

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7 minutes ago, Jal154 said:

Where can I place an order for one of your top 10? First time using 24:24.

These will likely turn up in the daily 24:24 listings in the Cigars Discussion 'water hole' forum.

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