KFC and the missing chicken in their stores...

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In case you've missed the news, KFC in the United Kingdom has had a major and catastrophic breakdown in its logistics processes, the result being that KFC stores, many owned by Mum and Dad Franchisees have had to shut their doors until this problem is fixed. In the meantime, KFC have apologised with a clever apology campaign that is sure to win people back to their stores...



Source and further information: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/restaurants-bars/british-kfc-restaurants-fing-eyecatching-print-ads/news-story/3f06e7811fe0beaecee0597b11dacc44

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FCK! What's KFC without chicken, KF?

Pity the franchisees bearing the brunt of the foul ;)

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1 hour ago, Sean3 said:

The FCK is kinda funny, but I doubt the franchisees are laughing at their losses, nor the employees dependent on their weekly checks to pay the bills.

True, you have feel for the franchisees and employees who are the innocent victims of this mess.

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